Green Mountain Hike | Boulder, CO

Green Mountain Trailer – Boulder, CO

My family, including my dogs, enjoyed our third hike in Colorado, at the Green Mountain trail in Boulder, CO. We had some difficulty finding the trailer as there wasn’t a sign easily visible off of Flagstaff road. After passing the area where the trail should be, and then dealing without any cellular service, we tried the satellite GPS with our NAV system, however, the trail didn’t show up. We used the mobile app called AllTrails, which works well offline, to show my GPS location in relation to the start of the trailer we were looking for. After parking at the spot shown on the map, we then walked around until we finally discovered the Green Mountain sign hidden about 15 feet into the trail.

Green Mountain Trailer – Boulder, CO

The Green Mountain trail is only a couple miles long and is filled with great scenery. The path is mostly narrow and can get somewhat dangerous if not careful. My dogs are small, but if someone had a big dog that tends to lead after birds or insects, I’d be careful on these narrow paths.

Green Mountain Trailer – Boulder, CO

We didn’t end up going all the way to the end as the weather was calling for more rain so we figured we should head back, however, I’m looking forward to returning to this trail someday to give it a shot again!

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