Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve | Michoacán, Mexico

The ride from San Miguel de Allende to Michoacan was long about 6 hours in a small van with about 10 people, but it was well worth it once we arrived. We had been mostly stating in SMA the whole time while in Mexico, so it was great to get out see some beautiful nature.

The tickets we purchased from the Lab Biblioteca in SMA included a one-way horse ride to the reserve. We all took the chance to ride on a horse however, I was less than thrilled on the ride. The paths were very narrow at times and the horses would often decide to just walk towards the ledge to grab a bite of some vegetation. Luckily the guides were there walking with us but it took them a few seconds to realize what was happening and correct the path.

Monarch butterflies travel 3,000 miles, at 80-120 nautical miles per day from the U.S. and Canada to Mexico during the winter months, known as “The Monarch Winter Migration”.

The Monarch butterflies were very sensitive to sound, so everyone was told to keep quiet while walking around the reserve. It took quite a bit of time but I got lucky with a close video capture of a couple.

The above photo was towards the end of the trip. We enjoyed it but were quite exhausted. With one last bit of energy left, we managed to put some smiles on 🙂

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